Telling a screenwriter that industry standard formatting is as dull of a subject as anyone could imagine. But there’s a real legitimate and technical reason that most screenwriters don’t understand. That reason has to do with the script’s viability in pre-production. Let me explain…

A well formatted script will enter pre-production on the right foot. In pre-production, a script is put into a budget and scheduling software. The degree in which your script is properly formatted is the degree in which the scheduling software can understand your script.

If your script is not formatted properly, the software won’t be able to determine all your locations, the times of day, the interior and exterior nature of each shot, and the producers will no have a clear idea of how to schedule your movie in a cost effective manner.

If you’re unsure about your formatting, get our full analysis with each feature, tv, or short script entry. Our professional analysts will point out if your formatting is proper and if it needs some tweaks. From there, we will be able to guide you in the right direction so that your formatting is great.

Finally, remember this very important point… if your script isn’t properly formatted, producers will simply put your script down and stop reading. It sounds harsh, but it’s reality. Read more about our full analysis here and then give it a shot… you won’t regret it!