Have you ever entered a screenwriter contest with no clear picture of who was judging the competition? Chances are you have. You figured that if you enter the contest and place well that it’d be a nice notch on your screenwriting belt. In reality, the relevancy of a jury is probably the most important element of any script competition and here’s why…

In today’s screenwriting market, achievements matter. Screenplay Contests have emerged as a way to identify emerging talent in an overly saturated market. When an industry professional picks up your script and sees your wreaths of accomplishment, they will ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Who were the jury members who approved the script?
  2. Are those jury members viable?
  3. Have those jury members ever sold or produced material for the market?

These are viable questions because they get to the heart of what every professional wants to know: Is the script legitimately professional.

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When you win the Chicago Screenplay Awards, you are winning one of the top-tier Screenplay Competitions with real industry currency that you can boast proudly for the rest of your career. Enter your feature, tv, or short today and become our next rising star!