Screenplay Agents: Pitching To The Right People

Screenplay Agents and how do they work is the most commonly asked question by screenplay writers is that should they share their screenplays with outsiders and production houses?

By Chicago Screenplay Awards Dept.

Often writers are even scared of entering screenplay contests because they fear that their ideals might get stolen or copied. The important thing to remember here is that in order to excel in any field you do need to take a few risks but those risks should be calculated and well thought of. We aren’t saying that you start sharing your screenplays with everyone out there but what we do believe is that scripts should be shared with relevant people who could bring you some benefit. Before you decide what should actually be done, take a look at some of the pros of sharing your scripts and also ponder over the essential considerations which should be made before sending it to anyone.

“If you are an aspiring writer then you should be aware of the fact that nobody will come running after you to read your script”.

Screenplay Agents Will Not Chase You Down To Read Your Story.

Secondly, if you are an aspiring writer then you should be aware of the fact that nobody will come running after you to read your script. There are a lot of struggling screen writers knocking the doors of every production house therefore if you want your big break then you need to be proactive! One should go out, meet people, engage in conversations and share scripts as soon as possible in order to land an important opportunity. Sometimes if you just remain in your shell and dream that maybe one day someone will come over to your house and magically select your script then you shall be utterly disappointed. With the growing competition, it is vital for you to shed all your fears and start visiting screenplay agents and present them your best scripts.

Don't Waste Your Hard Work If Your'e Trying To Sell Your Script.

A lot of effort, hard work and emotions go into writing a script hence one should try that he/she should get the fruit of his hard work too. The biggest mistake screenwriters do is that they put in all the effort in the writing process but fail to invest in the PR skills. These skills are essential if you intend to sell your script to a big production house. It would be a disservice to your work if it remains locked in your drawer, pull yourself out and prepare yourself to present your ideas to the world!

Don't Be All In Your Feelings If The Script Reader Criticizes Your Work.

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In the initial days, writers develop a lot of insecurity; they fear that their ideas might be stolen. Writers tend to believe that their ideas are absolutely fantastic and would blow the mind of producers but the reality is that such fantastic scripts come to production houses every day. Big production houses have a name and repute to protect thus it is out of question that they will steal your idea or not give credit. A writer might not lose anything but a production house can lose their credibility which means that their business might get hurt as well hence the chances are close to negligible that your script will get copied. Hopefully this reality check will help you to elevate your confidence.

But before you get excited and head out to present your script to the world, do make some essential considerations.

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Copyrighting Screenplays Is Necessary.

While it is true that one should be confident about his/her work and should be able to present it to different people from the industry, it is also necessary to consider that your work is well protected. One tip that professionals give to aspiring screenplay writers is to copyright their work. Copyrighting screenplays is crucial but please keep in mind that an idea can’t be copyrighted but if you have written a complete script then it can definitely be copyrighted. This will add onto your own credibility and the script’s credibility as well.

Pitch To The Right Screenplay Agents.

There are a lot of people in the entertainment industry and almost everyone presents himself as an expert but one should be able to identify who is relevant and who is not. If you tend to present your idea to everyone sitting around a studio then you are committing a big mistake but your idea will get leaked. Always present your script or idea to people who are part of a credible organization or have a good reputation in the industry.


After such a long discussion what can we conclude? I think the biggest takeaway from all of this is that not showing your screenplay to people gives you nothing whereas showing it to someone relevant could give you everything. There always be a voice whispering inside you, “This might not be so good, this might get rejected, they might copy my idea.” But take a leap of faith and just go for it, push away all the scary voices and be open to experimentation! Get your screenplays ready and make sure to take the best ones, who knows it might be the next big feature film! 

Landing the best screenplay agents can help propel your career to new heights.

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