• Finally a competition that understood the nuance of my script. I’ve paid tons of money to competitions that seemed to have totally missed the point. Thank you!!!!!

    Dray Thompson
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    Christian Summers
  • The Academy Nicholl & The Blacklist are widely known as giving THE best feedback; I would add the Chicago Screenplay Awards to that list.

    Sven Anarki
  • I was very impressed by this competition’s communication and outreach. I always felt I knew where my script stood with your team, plus the notes were very beneficial and spoke to your professionalism. Will definitely recommend you to my writer’s group.

    Laura Murphy
  • The full analysis you provide is a boon for screenwriters. Very professional, punctual, and thorough. Will submit again.

    Peter Ebanks
  • Great contest with great staff. Were helpful every step of the way and an overall great experience.

    Diego Alveraze
  • Thank you for this analysis! The information you provided was extremely useful. I’m on it!

    Annette Abreu
  • Best screenplay contest ever! The standard feedback was great so I decided to try out the full analysis and that was next level…I’ve never gotten such a thorough and objective analysis. Very professional and highly recommended.

    Caitlyn Crowley
  • Thanks for this analysis. The attention to detail is unparalleled, which shows me that the analysts you have on staff are clearly professional.

    Jonathan Williams
  • Wow! The full analysis was worth every penny. The reader really left no stone unturned when it came to the various elements of my script lol. Very valuable and will definitely take to heart. Thanks!

    Reginald McPherson
  • Wow – thank you so much for the thorough and insightful script analysis. One of the best I’ve received. Thank you!

    Paul Cenzoprano
  • Thanks! There was as much passion in that analysis as I had in creating the work.

    Tim Millette
  • Excellent in every way! Thanks for selecting my script, Indian Billy Ice, as a quarter finalist.

    Jerry Ice
  • I am so glad I submitted to this years festival. I received some very valuable feedback.

    Jennifer Phillips
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    Deborah Harris
  • Lovely little festival. They provide truly insightful feedback for scripts submitted, not just generic what worked and what didn’t. The notes they provide give you a deeper look into your work so that you can become a better writer in the future.

    Phil McCarron
  • Thanks for your professional critique, I find it to be very insightful and encouraging. God bless you all and your families throughout this holiday season.

    Maurice D. Walls
  • Thank you so much for the analysis of my screenplay. The comments were extremely useful and constructive–particularly the comments regarding the addition of “action description,” “environmental details,” and the “writer’s voice” throughout the dialogue. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated and will only help me to improve the existing draft.

    LaMont Prospect
  • Reading your coverage made the script worth writing. Thank you for recognizing my time and effort to bring this story to light.

    Brendan Kelly