2023 April SF

Title Writer ‘A Place in the World’ – Rev Michael Stern Alone George Brown Blood on the Saddle Olivia Fouser Britt Johnson RoXMvPRoY2007 None BROAD SHOULDERS Sammy Ziegelman BROTHER PROOF Eric Sollars Brown Recluse Stuart Forrest Conundrum Mike Bevins FALLING INTO LOVE Michael Diamond Folktale Donald Lewis Holy Siena Gostigian How To Be a Thief […]

2023 April QF

Title Writer A Christmas Karl Harry Ewan A Fairytale Love Story None None A Taste For Man Ross Burns A tribe, a priest and baseball Garrison Wells All You Need Is Hope LeighAnn Bell Atlas Lions Raki Jones BEYOND THE RAZOR WIRE Sandy Thorne Billy Boudinot Phil Lombardi Brother Rosalino Frank Kyazze Burn The Man […]