2020 Winter QF

A Billion Parts Per Million Mark Ruggio A Couple of Months Deborah Riley A Darker Shade Of Night wayne gibson A Light in the Heart Yokanaan Kearns Ace of Spades Lyndon McGill Ajeeta the Invincible Terry Lynam Akhenaten + Nefertiti steven stovall All For A Day Sonny Kruger Attorney At Law Thomas Birschbach Avarice Chandra […]

2020 Winter Semi Finalist

A FATAL CURE Grietje Lolita Fortuin Af*ckinstan Jim Maceda Andy of Maybery Clif Venable Art Appreciation Jennifer Titus As Dead As It Gets Bruce Kalish Beneath the Badge Bob Bowersox BLUE FALCON DAYS Vincent Vargas Captive Warren Paul Glover Car Heroin Train Virginia Austin Christmas Feathers Christopher Sartorius Community Resources B K COOP Joe Leone […]